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In difesa del Bartlett-Nidiaci-Palazzo Santarelli storico spazio dei bambini di San Frediano in Firenze

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Real estate dealer says kicking children out is a fairy tale

In 1920, the American Red Cross donated the means to turn a building in Florence’s Oltrarno district – Palazzo Santarelli, in Via della Chiesa 44, 46, 48 and 50 – into a kindergarten and playground for the deprived children of the San Frediano area. In 2012, real estate dealer Salvatore Leggiero turned the kids out. […]

Proud to love my backyard

A manipulative expression politicians love to use is “Nimby“: if you love and protect the place you live in instead of accepting that it be used as a waste bin by somebody richer than you, you are a selfish enemy of Progress. We see it differently. As usual, a tiny example from our tiny world […]

Cardinal Archbishop of Florence visits Ardiglione-Nidiaci garden

On Wednesday, April 20, the Archbishop of Florence will be visiting the Ardiglione-Nidiaci garden during his pastoral visit to the parish of San Frediano in Cestello. A strong decision, if we think what this area means in terms of popular identity, of tenacious resistance against injustice, speculation and gentrification, and of the capacity people have […]

Community Gardening behind the Carmine church

Literally in the shade of Santa Maria del Carmine, where the Renaissance began, here we are planting tomatoes, cucumbers and other good and healthy things. Our community garden is small, but growing! This little corner of San Frediano/Oltrarno which we are saving from real estate speculation and institutional neglect (to put it mildly) is beginning […]

Our English lessons in Oltrarno have begun!

At last, we have been able to start free English lessons for children at the Ardiglione-Nidiaci garden. We have no roof over our heads yet, but the weather is fine… Thanks to Anna Lord (author of the fascinating book Welcome to the Tuscan Dream) who is our volunteer teacher.

History of the “Nidiaci” Garden

Our garden has an incredible history, which we have only gradually discovered. This is our first, rough attempt at telling the story of what we call the “Nidiaci”. There is a lot more to tell, and we look forward to finding someone truly interested in following the matter up.

How to Keep the Garden Open

This article was published on Solidarity Hall on January 16. How to Keep the Garden Open By MIguel Martinez • January 16, 2015 • Features • No Comments Comments on what happened in Paris have been heavily skewed towards discussions on “religious fundamentalism” Actually a killing spree by three individuals in a city area of […]

Free violin lessons for kids!

Colorado-born violist Wendy Yates is holding free violin lessons for our Association in the Oltrarno. The lessons are held every Tuesday at 5 p.m.  at the Ludoteca in Via Maffia 25 (ring the bell to have the gate opened). These lessons are some of the many initiatives the parents of the Oltrarno district are organizing […]

Edward Otis Bartlett: discovering the man who gave us Palazzo Santarelli

We are slowly beginning to put together details about Edward Otis Bartlett, the commissioner of the American Red Cross who, in 1920, had Palazzo Santarelli and its garden bought for the population of San Frediano, with Red Cross funds, leaving implementation of the deed in the hands of his friend, the antiquarian Carlo-Matteo Girard and […]

Oltrarno – a march, a parade and a concert for the lost garden of the American Red Cross

Thursday 16 January, demonstration and concert in Oltrarno for the Nidiaci, with a parade in Renaissance costume by the “Bianchi”, Florence’s famous players of an early form of football, buskers and artists. In 1920, the American Red Cross bought a large garden and the buildings around it – known as “Il Nidiaci” – and gave […]

The Nidiaci garden in Oltrarno – in English

The Nidiaci garden and play centre/toy library (ludoteca) is the only public park area for children in the San Frediano district of Florence’s Oltrarno. Our volunteers keep the Nidiaci garden open on every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 4.30 to 7.30. Entrance is from Via d’Ardiglione (a small L-shaped street joining Via Santa Monaca to […]

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