Amici del Nidiaci in Oltrarno

In difesa del Bartlett-Nidiaci-Palazzo Santarelli storico spazio dei bambini di San Frediano in Firenze

Today Like Six Hundred Years Ago

Have you noticed something new on the gates of the Nidiaci garden?

It is the copy of a fresco from the Brancacci Chapel (just around the corner from our garden) called The Distribution of Alms and Death of Ananias.

The idea was given to us by Nicholas Eckstein, an Australian scholar who has spent his life digging through the archives of the “District of the Green Dragon” we live in.

As a social historian, he caught onto something art historians had failed to see: the fresco represents the houses of our district, where the bakers of San Frediano, associated in the Confraternity of Saint Agnes of the Carmine church and led by their captain, distributed bread – stamped with the seal of the Company – to the needy: here represented by a mother with a child. A woman who, rightly enough, has anything but a humble expression on her face.

At Saint Peter’s feet, the prone body is that of Ananias who – when the first Christians decided to share what they owned – decided to keep his money for himself.

Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Evangelicals, Sikhs and people of secular orientation are all part of the life of our garden: no religious symbolism meant, therefore.
What we want to do is remember this extraordinary picture of our own Commons as it organised itself and handled its own needs in solidarity.
Six hundred years ago, like today.

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